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Why the Best Pizza in the World is Made in Your Back Yard


We’re deep into winter, which means it’s time for some good, hearty homemade comfort food that will ward off the chill. Whether you use your outdoor living space in winter or not, you owe it to yourself to at least fire up the outdoor oven just once, in order to experience the best pizza you’ll ever have.

The earthly delights of gourmet pizza cooked on your outdoor oven.

When you combine the techniques of traditional cooking with modern technology, you’re almost always bound to end up with delicious and wonderful culinary delights. The crispness of a crust and the flavor of the toppings and cheese that are cooked in an outdoor oven simply cannot compare to what you get in any pizza joint, no matter how “secret” they say their recipes might be.



Why are outdoor ovens better for pizza?

Your modern indoor kitchen oven just isn’t equipped to deliver the same results: crust that’s crispy on the outside yet tender and flavorful on the inside. Toppings bursting with flavor yet cooked together in harmony for an overall taste that’s simply divine.

A lot of this has to do with the higher temperatures you’re able to achieve with an outdoor oven. Higher temperatures translate to faster cooking. Faster cooking means a thin crust with a soft, delicious center, just the way the world’s best pizzas come out. Therefore, it’s simply impossible to replicate the taste of pizza that’s cooked in an outdoor oven.

And it’s not just about texture: the higher temperatures of an outdoor oven produce flavor magic, pretty much impossible to get when you cook your pizza in your kitchen oven.


Outdoor pizza ovens from Pacific Living

Our ovens from Pacific Living are beautifully designed and built for baking not only pizzas but also incredibly tasty breads and desserts. There’s a counter top model as well as a built-in pizza oven that can handle pizzas as large as 16 inches.