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7 Tips on How To Keep Your House Clean Without Cleaning It Every Day

One way to ensure beautiful surroundings is to keep your house clean- but who has time? Here's how to achieve that museum-quality look in just minutes a day. 



You want to enjoy your time at home, not toil away keeping it clean. If you're spending half your weekends on massive cleaning sessions rather than enjoying the things you really want to do, things need to change! The idea is to keep a regular routine of small daily housecleaning habits so you won't get overwhelmed. The last thing you want is for small daily jobs to build up, snowballing into major cleaning projects later on.

With that in mind, here's a blueprint for housecleaning that takes just minutes per day, so you can get on with the better things in life.

7 Ways to Keep Your House Clean in Just

Minutes a Day

You don't need to deep clean your house every day, but some things do require daily maintenance to avoid ending up with a terrible mess. Make habits out of the following tasks and they won't really count as housecleaning at all.

    1. 1. Forbid piles of dirty dishes in your sink. What's worse than facing last night's dirty dishes when you wake up to brew your morning coffee? It's a ten-second job to load the dishwasher after eating. 

    1. 2. Wipe down your counters. This instantly makes your home feel fresher and cleaner.

    1. 3. Wipe down the bathroom sinks. Do this several times a week and you'll feel much cleaner, plus you'll prevent buildup.

    1. 4. Spray & Scrub the toilets. Do this at least weekly, again, to prevent having to do a major scrubbing session.

    1. 5. Straighten clutter. Visually keeping your living space organized will put your mind at ease, and also impart a sense of control so you can relax.

    1. 6. Don't let mail build up. Deal with mail right away so you don't constantly have a cluttered, messy pile.

  1. 7. Clean the air. Finally, here's how to keep your house clean without doing a thing at all: a ROBERT Air Washer churns away while you relax, improving the air in your home by removing particles that cause allergies and other irritations. Your home is clean- why not the air in your home, too?