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Our brands

Our brands

EcoBrandsNow envisions a world where cross-promotional partnerships help both customers and brands connect. It's under that philosophy that we're proud to have partnered with two highly respected brands in the Eco Living Lifestyle category: Stadler Form and Pacific Living.

Both brands exemplify what EcoBrandsNow stands for, which means this partnership allows us to grow our brand, reach more people, and more easily envision a better world. This would be a world where everyone has access to products that restore, regenerate, uplift, and which make life better by making our homes cleaner, purer, and more beautiful.

Stadler Form

Featured in Real Simple Magazine, Stadler Form offers air quality products for home, travel, and the office. The negative health effects of dry air range from dry skin to sinus congestion and can have devastating effects on quality of life as well as health over the long term.

Stadler Form offers beautifully designed products that remove dust, dander and other airborne irritants, and replenish the air in your home with rejuvenating, restorative humidity to counteract the effects of a dry climate. From humidifiers to air purifiers to combination technology that both purifies and adds moisture, their products help you maintain high air quality standards at home and on the go.

Our Products

Our products enrich, purify, and bring the beauty of nature-inspired design into your home. Each item in our limited, hand-selected collection was chosen for its exquisite design, the healthy improvements it brings to your lifestyle, and for its minimal impact on our environment.

From fans that bring into your home the gentle breeze of the outdoors to diffusers that sense when a room is dark so they can power down and reduce utility consumption, our products help you enjoy a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Since design plays an integral role in our lives, especially at home, all our products are selected for their beauty, too. And what's more beautiful than nature? That's why you'll find pleasing, calming design elements borrowed from nature in all the items we've chosen to offer through our EcoBrandsNow store and through our partners.

From the bamboo wood in the Otto fan, to the clean, Alpine look of the Stadler Form Robert Air Purifier, the products you'll find through EcoBrandsNow delight the senses, calm the mind, and restore the body through clean design, simple and streamlined functionality, and powerful air and water quality functions that make living just that much nicer and healthful.