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Complete Your Oasis With a Pacific Living Outdoor Oven

From the Pacific Living family to yours comes an outdoor oven that's unparalleled in its workmanship, its beauty, and the lasting service it will provide to your family and possibly even generations to come. With an outdoor oven from Pacific Living, transform your backyard haven into a full-fledged gathering spot, a true hearth for the the home where memories are made and traditions are honored.  

The Beauty of PL Design, the Strength of Steel

Ovens from Pacific Living are built to become multi-generational pieces for you to hand down or bestow upon the closest of friends. The quality is unmatched, the beauty is timeless, and the allure of cooking your meals al fresco spans the generations.  Their steel construction ensures longevity, while the premium quality powder coated finish means the look is classically beautiful for the duration of its lifetime of service to you.

Professional Standards Even a Chef Would Crave

The 16,000 BTU/LP (or 16,000 BTU/NG)  main burner delivers superior heating power, while the large capacity oven will roast your 20 pound Thanksgiving turkey with ease. The interior halogen cooking lights offer you a chef's view of your masterpiece in progress, while the full front window and its precise temperature gauge allow even the most demanding of cooks to produce delicious-tasting feasts every time.

Sustainable Living, Your Way

An outdoor oven is an earth-friendly, sustainable way to prepare your meals outdoors. It's not only stylish, but also sensitive to the needs of the environment. Your outdoor oven won't heat up your kitchen, thereby reducing your draw on the utility grid. Pacific Living's ovens feature clean combustion, and the thick, insulating walls of the ovens signal PL's dedication to energy efficiency.  See above for more features, as well as accessories that increase your range of outdoor cooking styles.