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Your home is your castle, so why leave the purity of the air you breathe up to chance? Indoor toxins can become trapped, especially in today's airtight, energy-efficient homes. Common pollutants can zap your home's air of its vibrancy and its healthfulness, and it can do the same to you and your family. 

To the rescue, and without forsaking the utmost in design and beauty, we offer Stadler air purifiers. Representing the crossroads of the best in modern design and the most advanced European technology for air purification, Stadler brings fresh, pure air to your life.

For your health, your comfort, and your freedom, here's how Stadler's products are making homes cleaner, fresher, and more healthful than ever before.

The Green Technology Behind Stadler Air Purification Products

When faced with the burden of ultra-fine dust, most air purifiers simply can't keep up with the specifying standards of today's most discriminating homeowners. If nothing less than total purification is required, plus the ability to not only filter out fine dust but also pollen, odors, mold, and even bacteria and viruses, only the most advanced green technology will do. 

Stadler's air purifiers operate with the highest CADR values. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, and requires the highest functioning quality air filters to cleanse the air. 

Then, special active carbon elements work to naturally scrub the air in your home, eliminating any and all unpleasant odors from your indoor environment.

99.99% Cleaning Efficiency

Feel good about the air you breathe. With up to 99.99% cleaning efficiency, the air purifiers offered through EcoBrands Now and Stadler work in your home to ensure a safe, healthy breathing environment. 

Just how can Stadler achieve such high efficiency standards? They use not one but three filters, each one incredibly powerful, impressively efficient, and completely in line with a healthy, modern, green lifestyle. See above for even more features of these incredible, powerful air purifiers.