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Their ultra modern style, combined with the most advanced European technology make the perfect addition to a home that will quickly become a relaxing haven from the flurry of the world at large - after all, it's the foundation upon which the ancient practice of aromatherapy is based.

Where Design Meets Function

Designed to fit beautifully with the decor of your home,  both the Jasmine and the Lea will enhance, not detract from the beauty of any room in which they are placed. 

With the Lea model, you'll have the power to transform your room into a spa-like oasis, with technology that offers you aroma diffusion straight from a fragrance bottle. Use your rechargeable batteries or run a cord to the wall- whatever option more closely fits your home energy demands. 

As always, EcoBrands Now keeps the concept of sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, and everything we sell. That's why the Leah was created with Daylight mode, which automatically switches off the diffuser when the room is dark, thereby saving power.

Two Modes

Both the Lea and the Jasmine come with alternative modes to fit your lifestyle. Interval mode allows for long-term enjoyment without your senses becoming used to the fragrance in the room. Continuous mode means continuous enjoyment. 

Gorgeous Design, Small Footprint, Long-Range Impact

To look at the tiny Jasmine or the Lea, you'd never guess they each have have the power to surround a 550 square-foot room in luxurious, beautiful fragrance. It's the Swiss technology, which represents the best in the industry. Above, you'll find more features of these aroma diffusers from Stadler Form.