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Incredibly Sleek and Impressive Design

An integral part of a healthy, comfortable lifestyle is pure, gentle air that replenishes your body, hydrating from the inside out. But these humidifiers are anything but ugly and clinical. Rather, they were designed with heart and intelligence, by dedicated professionals who love their homes just as much as you do. That's why they created these humidifiers as works of art. They are not only functional, but they display clean, minimalist style that will enhance your home, not detract from its decor.

You could easily put any one of these attractive pieces any place in your home and your guests would never believe it was an appliance. So long, ugly humidifiers and hello to gorgeous work of art.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Ultrasonic vibrations turn water into vapor. It's now how your mom's humidifier worked, and the new technology is precisely what allows for the beautiful designs. You see, even a small humidifier, with the ultrasonic technology, can produce enough vapor to create optimal conditions in a fairly large space. Gone are the days when you had to suffer an ugly, clinical-looking behemoth to counteract the effects of dry air.

Premium Features

Going far beyond the humidifiers of yesteryear, these pieces offer premium features that make your living healthier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Features like the ability to track your indoor climate, or to dim the LED at night, or to filter out white dust that other ultrasonic humidifiers will emit when in use. Automatic shut-off and the option to add your favorite essential oils round out the most impressive lineup of features you'll find anywhere on any humidifier.