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Don't Forget Your Humidifier During the Summer Months

Humidifiers for Year Round Health and Comfort

We get it. You might be curious about what’s going on with this post just by reading the title. Humidifiers are supposed to be used in the fall and winter when the airs already dry and your heating system makes it worse, right? The hot, muggy days of summer are humid enough, so why are we talking about using a humidifier at this time of year?

Well, as counter intuitive as it might seem, a humidifier can be just as necessary and beneficial during the summer as it is during the winter or any other time of year. While a lot of conventional wisdom is right on target, the idea that you don’t need to use a humidifier during the summer months is a bit off base. Read on to find out why.

Adequate Moisture in the Air is Beneficial All Year Round

The first thing to consider is what your air conditioner does to the humidity in your home. Air conditioning draws necessary moisture out of your air just like your heating system. And it achieves the same results– consistently dry, stale air that can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. This is especially true for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory conditions like asthma.

As you probably already know, persistently dry air can irritate your sinuses, eventually leading to swelling, inflammation, and the post-nasal drip that causes sore throats and chronic cough. Dry air can lead to other problems as well, even for people who aren’t prone to allergies or respiratory problems. It can make your skin become scaly and itchy, as well as lead to chapped or cracked lips.

And because the air in your home can get just as dry during the summer as it does the rest of the year, it’s important to maintain adequate moisture levels year round. Not surprisingly, the solution to dry summer air is to use your humidifier. Not to mention that pollen and mold counts are highest during the summer months. With proper humidity levels, your family can avoid the discomforts that pollen, mold, and dry air cause.

So don’t be shy about turning on the humidifier as the weather continues to heat up. And if you don’t have a humidifier, there’s no time like the summer present to get one.