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Your EcoBrandsNow Guide to Summer Fun and Comfort

Getting Everything You Deserve This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year for many, many reasons. It’s the season for outdoor gatherings, incredible travels, summer camps for the children, and so much more. And although it brings its share of problems too– some of them caused by the very things that can make it so great– summer is the time of year when you and your family can build memories that will reward you for a lifetime.

That’s why we’ve come up with The EcoBrandsNow Guide to Summer Fun and Comfort– to help you maximize your summer’s potential joy and facilitate the wonderful memories it can create for you. We hope that following some of these tips will bring you and your already lovely home all the summer pleasure you deserve.

Give Your Home a Reboot with a Summer Carpet Cleaning

You know it better than we do– a ton of grit and dirt accumulates in your carpet during winter and spring. Even worse, your carpets can sometimes start to give off unpleasant odors if they haven’t been deep cleaned in a while. What better time to give your floors a fresh start than the beginning of summer?

That’s why we advise bringing in a professional to give your carpets a thorough cleaning before summer gets too far underway. It will refresh the entire house and act as a beautifying reboot before the hot weather and guests arrive for summer.

Service Your Air Conditioning Units Before You Have To

Another smart thing you can do before the summer really gets going is to have your air conditioning unit(s) serviced. Bring in the professionals and have them check your unit(s) for optimum effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental safety.

You should also have them clean or replace any filters the units need to function properly. Taken together, these measures will ensure that you stay cool all summer long and that a little routine maintenance call doesn’t become a very uncomfortable emergency.

Build on Summer’s Potential with EcoBrandsNow Appliances

Lastly, place the finishing touch on your summer’s pleasantness with one (or more!) of our high-quality home appliances. For the inside of your home, we suggest one of our beautiful air purifiers and the luxury of a Stadler aroma diffuser.

For the outside of your home, we can think of nothing more useful and welcoming than one of our glorious outdoor ovens. With their ability to cook everything from a full sized turkey and artisan style breads to unforgettable oven-baked pizza, these gorgeous outdoor appliances will beautify your deck or patio even as they are transformed into an extension of your kitchen.

Whether you take all or just some of these measures, they’re guaranteed to improve the conditions of your home this summer. After that, your only job is to enjoy!