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Fans & Heaters

You can simply heat your house, or you can envelop your home in warm, streamed air with a sculpture-quality piece that works with your decor, not against it. And you can simply turn on a fan to move the air around, or you can create a gentle breeze that creates a soothing, cooling effect, emanating from an art- quality designed piece. 

This is Stadler Form at their best: winner of design awards, thoughtful steward of the environment. Creators of specialty appliances that help you transform your living space into the retreat you can't wait to return to at the end of each day.

Introducing the Anna Ceramic Heater, and her tiny cousin the Anna Little. Both are ceramic heaters worthy of the C-Suite corner window office, a palace, or your humble, cozy abode. Joining them: the Charly, Max, Otto and Q fans, worthy of a spot in an art museum.

Award-Winning Design

Anna Little was brought into being by Matti Walker for Stadler form. Reminiscent of a high-end stereo speaker, she sits on your table, unobtrusive and quietly gorgeous, the way a sculpture adorns your room.

Elegant, clean lines ensure that no matter where these fans and heaters are placed within your home, their sleek looks will enhance the look as well as blend in.  The ANNA Ceramic Heater is winner of the Housewares Design Award, which achieved Gold medal status among 500 other prestigious products in her category. ANNA Little also comes in four colors, too, for ultimate style.

Beautiful European Style, Powerful Industrial Strength

Stadler Form's fans may look like works of art, but they're engineered like their tough, industrial forbears so they really pack a whallop when you need it. For gentler moments, you can dial it back to the gentlest of breezes.

Warm, Streamed Air for Your Home or Office

Don't let the good looks of Anna or Anna Little fool you: they were created with the best of what Swiss engineering has brought the world so far: adjustable thermostat, ultra-quiet operation, impressively efficient mechanisms, and thoughtful safety features.

For instance, if tipped on their sides, Anna and Anna Little will thoughtfully shut down so as not to pose a hazard in your home. The self-regulating ceramic heating element means no overheating, too.

Anna can stream warm air throughout any room up to 275 square feet, while Anna Little does her part to heat a 160 square foot room. For more impressive features and dimension, see above.