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Vitaclay Smart Organic Multi-Crocks

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A beauty broth cooker and multi-crock made easy with a mineral rich unglazed pure clay in record time! Ancient best kept secret for delicious living has never been easier! This Smart Multi-Crock is easier, truly a mess-free and notably more delicious and nutritious way to cook in record time!

  1. 8-In-1, a Fast Slow Cooker, a Steamer, a Stew Cooker, a Bone Broth maker and a Beauty Soup cooker - the "Collagen Machine”, a Sauce Maker, a Hot Cereal Maker, a Yogurt Maker/a Low Temperature cooker and a Warmer. Now you can easily prepare any kind of soups 1, 2, 3 – hearty soup, nourishing bone broth, or veggie stock! And luscious stews, heavenly pastas are a snap! Plus, steamed veggies or fish with all the vitamins and minerals locked in for your good health!
  2. Cooks 500% faster than a slow cooker, your best alternative to a pressure cooker in quick safer cooking without a pressure! 5 minutes prep into pot, set on 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on meal or amount then automatically stays in Warm for 9 hours, comparing to 8-10 hours to produce decent results in a conventional slow cooker.
  3. Organic unglazed clay infuses rich flavors in your recipes, activates enzymes, collagen and minerals in your foods, while increasing digestibility. Clay is also alkalizing—everything the ancients prized in healthy cookware, superior taste and perfect texture and synergistic nutrition.
  4. The VitaClay lives perfectly in the space in between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. No pressure and allows to open to add seafood or veggies at the end for perfect texture without overly cooked! To keep fresh vitamins and retain crisps color without mushy soggy taste.
  5. Safer clean cooking - Clay is NOT metal, so there is not metal, plastics and non-stick coating chemicals transferring to your foods. Foods are tastier with authentic flavor without metal or plastic or silicone gasket smell transferring to your foods.
  6. The “Lower Your Pressure” cooker- save money to Instantly convert the “leftovers” into a yummy nutritious stew, soup, pasta dish for the next day’s dinner. Gelatin and collagen rich bio-available BONE BROTH in record time — ONLY 3-5 HOURS! (Optional: leave in WARM for 9 hours for more collagen)
  7. Set and forget – up to 9.5 hours cooking timer with 30 minutes increments (MOST MEALS ARE READY IN LESS THAN 90 MINUTES IN "FAST" OR 2 HOURS IN "SLOW" SETTING. LONGER TAHN 4 HOURS COOKING IS FOR A FULL POT OF BONE BROTH COOKING IN SLOW SETTING ONLY). Pre-programmed functions- Fast Cook/Steam, Slow Cook/Bone broth, Jook/hot cereal, and Yogurt / low temperature.
  8. Delay Timer (for porridge only) and Automatic Warm setting– Food is hot and ready when you are.
  9. Include a 112 pages of color recipe book with over 75 inspired recipes, featuring 30 minutes meals, nourishing traditions, vegetarian delights, holiday every day and travel at home on a culinary journey around the world.
  10. Tested and verified by 3rd party laboratories-UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory tested.
  11. Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 500 Watts. (for North American power outlet used only). Rice paddle and measure cup included.
  12. Covers 1-year limited warranty.