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About us

Who We Are

At EcoBrandsNow, we believe even the most basic, functional items in your home should be beautiful, restorative, and consistent with your lifestyle choices. Our own homes are well-stocked with the products we sell, because we believe wholeheartedly in everything we do, from our company mission right down to the art-quality designs of everything we sell.

From bamboo-encased desktop fans to air purifiers that double as modern art sculptures, our products enrich lives in a multitude of ways, including making our very own homes comfortable and beautiful. If what we sell isn't right for our homes, why would we sell them?

Everything we do is done in consideration for your home, your lifestyle, and the planet we all inhabit. Our goal is to deliver the world's best nature-based eco-living products to customers like you, who care about design as well as function, efficiency, and quality in their home appliances and products.

We are experts in helping people make their homes beautiful, clean fresh, and efficient in ways that also serve to minimize their impact on the earth's valuable natural resources. EcoBrandsNow staff, management, and everyone who works here takes pride in knowing how to make people feel great at home.  We do that by selecting only the best products, carefully examining their functionality, their longevity, their durability, and of course their visual aesthetic, so you have only the very best of everything for your home.

What We Do

From our home to yours, EcoBrandsNow products are making lives better one small step at a time. We bring a human-centered approach to everything we do because our products ultimately end up in your home and become part of your unique lifestyle. The pillars that guide us are:

  • Enrich the lives of our customers

    by offering home goods that offer beautify in form as well as function.
  • Improve the lives of our customers

    by providing them with healthy, safe alternatives to every day home and office appliances and products.
  • Respect the earth

    by searching out products which aim to minimize their impact on the planet.
  • Educate those who want to know

    about living a healthy, nature-based lifestyle that includes breathing clean air, enjoying the highest standards in water quality, and reducing our overall carbon footprint on the earth.
  • Helping maintain global health

    by sourcing our products from North America, Asia, and Europe, where designers, assembly teams, and everyone involved believes in helping to make the earth a better place to live.
  • Fulfill our obligation

    to our parent company, IB Innovative Brands Inc (IBI), which distributes environmental appliances and products for home and office, and which has a mission to put people first by making eco-friendly products accessible to all.

Giving in and Around the Montreal Community

Founder and president of EcoBrands Now has worked for two decades with the Andy Collins for Kids. This organization raises and donates funds to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation, and to date has been responsible for over $3.5 million in donations.  We're proud of our founder, and proud that everyone here contributes in many ways. That includes fundraising auctions where donated EcoBrands Now products and equipment are featured.