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IVO Faucet-Mounted Water Purifier

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  • HEALTHY & EASY HYDRATION: Drink healthy, clean and great-tasting water straight from your faucet with IVO. Our advanced 4-Stage filtration process removes chlorine, rust, sediments, turbidity, microscopic impurities as little as 0.1 micron such as microplastics and even sub-microplastics, all while retaining essential minerals (IMPORTANT: Minerals are what show up in TDS/PPM Tests. There will be no change in TDS/PPM readings as IVO retains beneficial minerals in tap water.)
  • ADVANCED FILTRATION: Our advanced 4-stage filtration system uses medical-grade hollow fiber membrane - the same technology used in dialysis and artificial kidneys in the medical field. This compact system includes a Pre-Screen (for rust, sediments and bigger particles), a Second Screen (for more turbidity), Granular Activated coconut carbon filter (for residual chlorine that cause unpleasant taste and odor), and hollow fiber membrane (for microscopic impurities down to 0.1 micron).
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Get fresh, clean and great-tasting drinking water straight from your faucet - no need to buy bottled water. 1 IVO cartridge replaces up to 3,000 plastic water bottles (500ml each). You can switch between 3 settings with a simple turn of a lever. Go from filtered spray for drinking water, to unfiltered straight flow and unfiltered spray for regular tap water (such as for washing only). The unfiltered spray has a bigger area coverage and can reduce water consumption by up to 30%.
  • FILTER EASIER: IVO is compact and installs easily onto most standard faucets in seconds (Does NOT fit pull-down/ retractable types - Check out our Compatibility Chart in the images). With our high capacity filters, you can rest easy. Changes are recommended every 4 months (each cartridge can filter up to 1,500L/ 396 gallons).
  • THE SCIENCE OF FILTRATION: IVO is manufactured by Toray Industries in Japan - the same makers of Torayvino, the No. 1 faucet-mounted water filter in Japan. For over 35 years, Toray has been manufacturing water filters and has sold over 50 million units globally to date. Toray is also a worldwide authority in major industries, including the production of advanced carbon fiber technology, as well as medical devices that make use of its highly-advanced membrane technology.