Stadler Form® - Viktor Filter Pack (washable)


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This pack is intended as a replacement for the filter in your Stadler Form Viktor Air Purifier. As you already know, a Stadler Form Air Purifier is the perfect way to make the air in your home cleaner, fresher, and healthier for the whole family. Because it captures the debris, dust, and allergens that might otherwise float around in your home, the Viktor Filter Pack is a huge part of this process.

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Stadler Form is a Swiss company that specializes in high-quality, technologically advanced air quality products for home, work, and travel. They design and manufacture humidifiers, air purifiers, and innovative combinations of both, as well as lovely aroma diffusers and various key accessories. They’ve received ample and well-deserved recognition from the international press, including accolades and feature write-ups in Real Simple Magazine.

Stadler Form’s technical expertise is matched only by their talent for sophisticated design. They’re as invested as much in the beauty of your home as they are in your family’s health. Every Stadler Form product is an elegant and functioning work of art, from the gorgeous bowl designs they use for their aroma diffusers to the futuristic conceptions of their humidifiers. Your air quality and your taste are both in good hands with Stadler Form.