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The New Generation of Fans

Prehistoric Fans Weren’t Much Fun

You might not be old enough to remember this, but there was a time whens were, um, a little different than they are today. Essentially, fans came in two varieties back in those days. First, there were box fans. They were made entirely of plastic and fell down a lot. They were also loud and largely ineffective when it came to cooling a room or circulating the air.

Then there were industrial fans. These monsters were made completely of stainless steel and cruelty. They were like jet-powered turbine engines. The kids weren’t allowed to go anywhere near them, and even adults gave them a wide berth if they weighed less than 200 pounds. Sure, they got the air moving, but so will a hurricane. Lastly, they were loud and really, really ugly.

To sum up, fans were terrible back then, just terrible. They were (sort of) better than nothing and that’s about it.


The New Fan “Revolution”

Fortunately, things are different now. Thanks to innovative technology and an eye for aesthetic beauty, designers today have created a few fans that have quite literally changed the paradigm. One look at Stadler Form’s incredible line of fans will tell you just how far we’ve come.

These fans are more like pieces of furniture than appliances, whereas the old ones were, well, embarrassing. Stadler Form fans are beautiful, quiet, and instead of mangling your decor, they accent it. They also work well. They cool a room down pretty much instantly and they move your air around in a way that’s refreshing, not terrifying.

Take the Stadler Form Otto Fan, for instance. It’s quiet, adjustable, and moves a lot of around. It’s also quite beautiful. The elegant, wood-colored frame is durable and constructed of ecologically sound bamboo. Yes, you read that right– The Otto fan is made of bamboo. And it works amazingly well.

And the Otto is just one example of the technical expertise, care, and craftsmanship that goes into every Stadler Form Fan. And with summer more or less already here, their timing is perfect. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Have a look at the Stadler Form line. Then you’ll see for yourself why the horrors of prehistoric fans are no longer necessary.